About the Tenants Harbor Fisherman's Coop

About the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Coop
The Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op is comprised of more than 20 members, including student members.  Lobsters caught by the Co-op are caught from all over Penobscot Bay, reflective of the different territory each member fishes. Fishing grounds include the waters off Matinicus Island and Green Island.

The Co-op was founded in spring of 2016 and operates off of a small, family owned wharf in Tenants Harbor, Maine.  In partnership with Luke’s Lobster and Cape Seafood, the Tenants Harbor Fisherman’s Co-op is the only fisherman’s Co-op in Maine to have a representative of a restaurant group and a processor on its board.  The Co-op works collaboratively with both Cape Seafood and Luke’s to bring sustainably sourced lobsters to Luke’s Lobster customers around the world.  

The wharf, which is home to the only Luke’s Lobster shack in Maine, is owned by the four Miller brothers, all of whom are fishermen and members of the Co-op. The wharf has been in the Miller family since the early 70s and is protected through Maine’s Working Waterfront Access Protection Program ensuring it will always remain a commercial fishing wharf.