•Josh Miller (President, Captain of F/V Dorcas Anne) -Josh has been fishing his entire life, holds a degree in finance from the University of Rhode Island and brings a wealth of knowledge to our board. Josh runs a great meeting, is steadfast and thoughtful and somehow manages to keep his eye on the ball at all times. All this while raising two lovely girls with his wife Jasmine, coaching basketball and sitting on the board of the Lobster Advisory Council.
Ivan Bly (Vice President, Captain of F/V Iris Irene) - Ivan steadfastly refuses to get either a cell phone or email address and so we communicate our board meeting times to him via smoke signal. On the flip side, we love him for his back-to-the land skills which come in handy if ever you need a tree felled or anything built. Plus he is always candid, forthright and gets right to the point.  With his partner, Heather, Ivan has a lovely 4-year old daughter named Iris.
John Tripp (Treasurer, Captain of F/V Sea Wife) - John, we've learned recently, brews his own beer and has a particular love of coffee.  He's also a technology wiz (balancing out Ivan), great with numbers and very good at Excel.  We're still waiting for him to bring us some of his home brew to try. He lives in Spruce Head (we don't hold it against him) with his wife Mallary and his adorable daughter Everly, who we wish he would bring along to board meetings. 
Merritt Carey (Secretary) - Merritt grew up spending summers in Tenants Harbor and worked for Anne Miller for several years, running a lobster delivery service to cruising yachts in the harbor and working on the dock. A graduate of Brown University and a lawyer by trade, she is now a communications consultant. She's spent some time on the water (Round-the-World-Race, America's Cup and lobster boats whenever she can). Merritt lives in Yarmouth, Maine with her husband, three children, two miniature goats, chickens, dog and a cat named buoy that thinks its a dog.
Luke Holden (Member-at-Large) - Luke was born and raised in Cape Elizabeth and spent his summer breaks either working in his father’s seafood plants or lobstering in his hand-made skiff. Luke studied finance and management at Georgetown University and then moved to NYC to start a career in Investment Banking.  After three years, he decided to mash his passion for all things Maine and the business savvy he accrued as an investment banker to found Luke’s Lobster. Luke went on to start Cape Seafood, and currently serves as CEO of both organizations. Luke sits on the boards of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative and The Lobster Institute. We've also noticed he's very fond of flannel and wears it all the time, winter, spring, summer and fall!
Robert Morris (Member-at-Large, Captain of F/V Mystic Desire)- Robert hails from a long line of Tenants Harbor fisherman, his family has been in the area for several generations. To our board he brings tremendous knowledge and a wry sense of humor that is unbeatable. Robert tells it like it is and keep us on track at all times. He's a keen golfer and had a burgeoning affection for zip lining. 
•Peter Miller (Advisory Member, Captain of F/V SASHA) - Peter's reputation often precedes him, and his sense of humor is at times questionable, but he has a good business head and is an excellent strategic thinker. He's been in the business of lobstering and wharf running for a long time and brings a wealth of information and institutional knowledge to the board. He formally sat on the board of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative with Luke. He lives with his wife of 30 years on the other side of the harbor where he can often be found drinking a cup of coffee in his recliner after a day of hauling.