Jason started lobstering with his Dad when he was around 7. His family owns Green Island, which is about 7 miles from the mainland, and they fish the territory around the island.  "When I got my own boat, my Dad would tow us out to the Island - we'd haul our 200 traps, and if the weather was good, we'd bring the boat back ourselves.  If the weather was rough, we anchor and spend time on the island while my dad finished hauling, then he'd pick us up and we'd head back to Tenants Harbor."

When he was in college, Jason thought he wanted to be a dentist, "I went to college NOT to be a fisherman' Jason notes. In his junior year he decided against becoming a dentist and instead graduated and went to work for MBNA. Several years in, he started hauling again part time with his brother. "Then I applied for a promotion at MBNA. The interview went really well, or so I thought, but I didn't get the promotion - they told me I wasn't committed enough because I was fishing too." And that was that - Jason decided to start fishing full time.  About lobstering he says, 'I love my job now, I love getting up and going to work."

About the Coop: "I'm excited for a change and for something different. I like the fact that our partners - the folks at Luke's and Cape Seafood- are younger, more tech savvy - and I really like knowing where the lobsters I haul end up."

Favorite Thing to do off the Water: Next to spending time with his wife and his 4-year old son Bodie, he loves going to Jimmy Buffet concerts. "I'm kind of a Parrot Head." He's also a talented woodworker (see photos below!).
Favorite Food: Pizza
Name of Boat: Siren
Scariest Moment on the Water: Anything to do with thunderstorms. "I hate being on the water in thunder and lightening storms."